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May 10th, 2002


The Fifth International ACM SIGCAPH Conference on
Assistive Technologies

July 8 - 10, 2002, Edinburgh, Scotland

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June 15th 2002


This page contains accessibility information for the conference. If there is specific local information you would like to see here, or if you wish to discuss any accessibility requirements, please contact our local arrangements organizer, Shari Trewin:, phone (+1) 914 784 7616 (Eastern Standard Time: GMT + 5h).

The ASSETS website

The template for the ASSETS web site has been audited for accessibility by the Digital Media Access Group, Department of Applied Computing, University of Dundee. In implementing their recommendations we have tried to strike a balance between providing code that is easily interpreted by assistive technologies and code that is supported by browsers commonly in use today. If you experience any accessibility issues with this site, please contact our webmaster, Simon Kelly:

The conference hotel

The Crowne Plaza hotel has been specifically chosen for its accessibility provision, and its staff will be happy to discuss any special accommodations you may require. When reserving accommodation, explicitly state your accessibility requirements, and book as far in advance as possible. The rooms we have reserved for ASSETS include wheelchair accessible rooms. Please refer any unresolved issues to our local arrangements organizer, Shari Trewin:

ASSETS social events

We intend that all advertised ASSETS social events will be available to all attendees. The venues for these events are all wheelchair accessible and have adapted toilet facilities. For detailed museum and Tower Restaurant access information please refer to the museum's web page describing access for people with disabilities to the National Museums of Scotland. The Accessibility information for the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre is also available online. The conference reception, museum visit and whisky tasting event will all be non-smoking events. Sunday evening's pub, the hotel bar, and Pizza Express all allow smoking. The Tower Restaurant allows smoking only on the terrace.

Edinburgh taxis

There are two types of taxi available in Edinburgh: black cabs and saloon style private hire vehicles. Within Edinburgh, private hire vehicles must be booked in advance while black cabs can be booked, hailed on the street or engaged from a taxi rank. There is a taxi rank situated directly outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and there are taxi ranks at the railway stations and coach stations.

Black cabs are all equipped with telescopic ramps and special belts allowing the driver to push a wheelchair user into the vehicle and secure both chair and passenger, facing backwards. Each cab can accommodate one wheelchair with room for at least one other passenger. Very wide wheelchairs and the larger electric wheelchairs may not fit into these cabs. Attendees for whom this may be the case are advised to use the Handicab service described below.

Black cab operators include: Central Taxis: (+44) (0)131 229 2468 and City Cabs: (+44) (0)131 228 1211. When booking, be sure to confirm that the appropriate type of cab will be sent.

Private hire operators include: Bluebird Private Hire: (+44) (0)131 467 7770 and Direct Cabs: (+44) (0)131 444 1313.

Airport taxis

The taxis available at the airport are saloon style private hire cars. These do not need to be booked in advance and are available from a taxi rank in the airport forecourt. Attendees requiring a wheelchair-accessible taxi (a black cab) or Handicab service should book in advance.

Other transport options - Handicabs

Handicabs is a local door-to-door transportation service using fully accessible minibuses. The service is available to visitors to Edinburgh who have registered in advance. Because Handicabs are in high demand, journeys must be booked at least two days in advance, preferably a week in advance. Passengers pay per journey, depending on the length of the journey. For registration and further information call Handicabs on (+44) (0)131 447 9949.

Other information

Local services such as doctors and physiotherapists are contactable through the conference hotel's guest services department. The hotel also offers a swimming pool, sauna and a number of different forms of massage. Local wheelchair repair specialists can be contacted via the Lothian Disabled Living Centre, on +44 (0)131 537 9190.

Edinburgh City Council offers a web site which gives further details of transport facilities in Edinburgh for people with mobility difficulties. This covers accessibility at train stations, and gives more detailed information about taxis and other mobility services.

General accessibility information for Edinburgh is also available from the Grapevine phone and minicom services on (+44) (0)131-475-2370 Monday through Friday between 9am. and 5pm., GMT.

To dial a UK phone number from abroad, substitute the initial '0' with '44' - the international dialing code for the UK.

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